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On May 11, 2020, I was the guest of “Engage with Seun Kilanko” on Instalive during Lockdown as a result of Covid-19.

Korede Olabanji, PhotoNimiHe asked me “how does one reposition his company after this Pandemic?”. I answered with a question: “how do you ensure your company survives this Pandemic, and Not die with Covid-19?”. It is the company that survives the Pandemic that can be repositioned afterwards. I guessed he was pleased with my answer because No further question but appreciation of my Time and contribution on his platform.

Later that evening, certain thoughts crossed my mind: “how do I ensure my business PhotoNimi survives this pandemic era?”

It then occurred to me RELEVANCE: Ensure Photonimi stays relevant in the mind of my clients and general audience and my business will never die with the Covid.

I thought deeply on way to assure Photonimi’s relevance and by Inspiration, thought out CULTURAL PHOTOGRAPHY.

Cultural photography, thereby exhibiting Costumes, outfits and adornments peculiar to communities in Nigeria and Africa.

It was same week I saw a lady on my street, whose origin is Idoma in Benue State of Nigeria. I asked is it Idoma that wear Black and White designed outfits. She answered averse and said Tiv Tribe wears Black and White While Idoma Tribe wears Red and Black. This caught my excitement because she said “Red stands for Royalty while the Black stands for Burial Shroud”. That sounds so deep. Combination of Royalty & Burial Shroud can only be imagined

I asked if she could then model Idoma Tribe for me and she said she isn’t a model but Hair Stylist. I answered onone is born a model but I’ll make her a model for Idoma reason in fulfilment of my Cultural Photography Journey.

She agreed and soon as Lockdown was suspended, we did her photoshoot and Video for our YouTube channel. The Images were phenomenal.

A week after, I got a call from someone who wanted to buy a licence for the Use of the Image to brand Nigeria’s Marque for Dubai Expo. She said they’ve searched for Idoma lady Image but didnt see because no Photographer has ever done any Professional Image of an Idoma lady.

Thus, I felt encouraged to take on this journey of Cultural Photography.


The prerequisites for anyone to model a Tribe are:

– The model must be an origin of that Tribe

– The model must be able to speak the dialect

Let people relate with their roots, even as we grow our digital Nativity.

The journey has being successful and applauded tremendously.



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