Korede Olabanji

Welcome to our website, our work and passion.

We are PhotoNimi, professional photographers and we love to photograph people and places.

Our aim is to create and capture beauty and to elicit emotion from all parties involved in the creative process: the viewer, the subject and photographer. We photograph weddings, events, landscapes, portraiture and shoot commercial work.

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I met Mr Lewis Mendes passionately holding his vintage camera on 34th street in Manhattan, NY. He feels good with his camera which he bought in 1959

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Photography is an intuitive and emotional process. There is technique, equipment and style, but truly great pictures speak to you from the heart. Whilst it can sometimes be difficult to explain a beautiful photograph, there is no doubt you know it when you see it.

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Indeed, we’ve been encouraged by various testimonies in our favour regarding PhotoNimi, but ALL GLORY TO GOD. He granted us the skill. We appreciate Him forever.

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