esan tribe, photonimi

Photography of Esan Tribe

The Esan people (Esan: Ẹ̀bhò Ẹ̀sán) are an ethnic group of south-south Nigeria who speak the Esan language an Edoid language related to Edo, Urhobo, Owan language, Isoko, and Etsako. It is considered a regionally important language in Nigeria, and it is taught in primary schools in addition to being broadcast on radio and television. The Esan People are traditionally…

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idoma tribe, photonimi

Photography of Idoma Tribe

“IDOMA” means God has done it. The Idoma culture is one of the most fascinating cultures in Nigeria. Exceptionally proud of their native heritage, preserved many of their ancestors’ traditions, and a number of them present in their mixture of elaborate traditional tales, artistic expressions, music and varied culture elements. The cultural attire is made with Red and Black. RED…

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