idoma tribe, photonimi

“IDOMA” means God has done it.

The Idoma culture is one of the most fascinating cultures in Nigeria. Exceptionally proud of their native heritage, preserved many of their ancestors’ traditions, and a number of them present in their mixture of elaborate traditional tales, artistic expressions, music and varied culture elements.

The cultural attire is made with Red and Black.
RED stands for Royalty
BLACK also known as ‘Opa’ or ‘Edema’ reps Earth and Burial shroud
Idoma is the second largest group in Benue state and consist of: Ado, Agatu, Apa, Obi,Ohimini, Ogbadibo, Oju, Okpokwu & Otukpo .

The Idoma people strongly believe in the ‘Alekwu spirit’ , which is seen as a link between the living and the dead. They host an annual ‘Aje Alekwu’ festival where traditional religious practitioners commune and make sacrifices in worship of their ancestors across the land.

The Idomas have strong attachment to the worship of Alekwu-spirit of the ancestors which is believed to stand as an invisible watchdog of the family and communities while checkmating vices like adultery, theft and murder.

OBOLE” in Idoma means “How are you?” THE IDOMA MEN ARE OBLIGED BY TRADITION TO POUND YAM FOR THEIR WIVES ❤🙌👏🥰😎 Unlike other cultures where the woman is expected to perform all culinary chores, the Idoma men are not always exempted.

The Idoma people are known for their love of food, as there is an annual food festival in Benue State to celebrate women.

Most popular among their delicacies is the Okoho soup made of Okoho plant, bush meat and other ingredients

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